The right way to Kill the OSRS Green Dragon

If you’re looking for the best way to make the most gold in OSRS, you must hunt for the OSRS blue dragon. This best free vpn android list is very solid and is among the list of three most robust chromatic dragons. It can inhale and exhale dragonfire, that may cause 40 damage to any enemy without proper protection. When you can use anti-dragon shields to minimize the quantity of damage they can deal, also you can use an anti-fire potion to relieve the damage. The key attack of a blue dragon is it is accurate cut. To offer the most destruction, you should use a slash tool with a superior accuracy.

Being a mage, you need to use potions and prayers to kill the blue monster. You should also provide an antifire potion before you attack that. If you’re struggling it in melee, you should try using Korasi’s sword, a godsword, or a high level halber. The green dragon is a level 111 beast, and you should have at least two levels of shielding gear.

When you are using a mage class, you should utilize your magic skill. It’s the most important skill in OSRS. The various other two will be combat and crafting. The first helps you art items and enchant these people. The second the initial one is a very useful skill for making, as it assists you help to make more silver and gold coins. Lastly, it will help you get more coins. A lot of spells help in OSRS, therefore it is worth installing your mage skills to work with the green dragon.

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