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The “Business” of Selling Homes

CRES Corp International offers the highest quality homes for our Clients!

Overpriced Listings? You won’t find them here! Listing a home is great but “selling” a home is even better! The problem is the Home Buyer has to sift through so many “overpriced” listings, or homes that are not quite exactly as the pictures and description indicate.

Folks, we’re here to handle the sale of your home like we would any one of our commercial properties. We’ll show you how to promote and price your home to capture the interest of those who will pay the most for your home!

CRES Corp International offers our Quality Home program for our Clients who are serious about selling and buying!

Our “Quality Homes” are:

  • Appropriately Priced
  • Inspection Proof – Pass all Home and Bank Inspections
  • Structurally & Mechanically Sound – No Repairs or Deferred Maintenance
  • Homes that Sell Quickly

When you see the “Q”, you know it’s a Quality Home!

Buyers!!!Our Quality Homes sell quick, so you’ve got to move quick if you want one!

Sellers!!! Is your home a “Quality Home”? Find out how to get your home into our Quality Home program – Click here

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Want to sell your home on your own? Read about our S.I.M.P.L.E System By Owner program Here!

CRES Corp International is your expert resource for selling your home. Read more about Helpful Strategies and which one of our programs is best for selling your home