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Sell your home ON YOUR OWN! 


A “S.I.M.P.L.E.” Way to Sell Your Home!

CRES Corp International has a great working relationship with our home sellers. Some of our sellers want to officially list their homes and get them on the market for the whole world to see. In that case we have some of the best home selling programs designed to sell homes quickly, efficiently and for top $$$.

What if I want to sell on my own? We’ll work with you too. We figure, if we can’t talk our home0wners into listing, we might as well help them sell their homes. For our “Buy-Owner” Clients we offer the S.I.M.P.L.E. SYSTEM, a program that offers all the services a homeowner needs to sell on their own.

So, how does the S.I.M.P.L.E. SYSTEM work? It’s simple! One of our experienced Agents are assigned to assist you with the sale of your home as an off-market property. They are there to answer questions and guide you through the home selling process. You also get the following:

  • Professional Yard Sign
  • Home Featured On Our Website
  • Buyer Pre-Qualification 

The first mistake Sellers make when they try to sell on their own is to place a cheap “FSBO” or “By Owner” sign in their yard. You might attract serious Buyers with these signs. However, you’ll more than likely get the Low-Ballers calling, looking for the “Great Deal”. Some of the other calls will be those with no money hoping the could get a Seller Financing deal. Then there you could get the calls from those who have intentions other than buying your home. Be careful who you invite into your home!!!

Another mistake is not showing off your home to the world. Remember, you’re going to be in competition with thousands of homes for sale. What will make yours become noticed? How about having it featured on our CRES Corp International website? There will be a lot more Buyers looking on our site than those aimlessly driving around looking for homes.

The last mistake Sellers make is not Pre-Qualifying the Buyer. We’re not just talking about financing, here! Just because your home is on the market doesn’t mean you should invite EVERYBODY in! Would you do this if your home wasn’t on the market? Of course not!

Let’s not forget about Buyer financing. It’s always good to know if your Buyer has the money to buy your home. Your assigned Agent will be able to assist with this.

OK, you’ve got my attention but “What’s The Cost?”. $500, all inclusive and fully refundable if you end up listing with our company.

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