About CRES Corp

CRES Corp International (CCI) is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage that offers its Clients a unique strategy of selling and purchasing property. Our Company provides both, “Off-Market” and “On-market” investment opportunities, for our Clients.

Our Residential Department assists our Clients with the sale of their homes utilizing unique business strategies used on our commercial side. This no-nonsense approach to home selling earns our Clients more money on the sale of their home!

Being trained in both commercial and residential areas of real estate, our Agents assist our Clients with the sale of their homes while providing them with information and guidance on lucrative real estate investments.


CCI offers its Clients an array of professional commercial real estate services for our Investors and sellers. Our Preferred Investor Program (PIP) introduces our Investors to property that is not yet exclusively listed or introduced to the public, minimizing competition and bringing them significant deals.

CCI Investors are prequalified to assure they have the money, means and desire to purchase property, providing our Selling Clients confidence in the sale of their property.

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Selling your home is just as much a business as selling a commercial property. Commercial real estate is big business! Why not apply the same tactics used in the commercial world to sell your home?

CCI Agents are specialist in both commercial and residential areas of real estate, enabling them to apply commercial strategies when they sell homes, to assure quick sales and high earnings for our Sellers.

We would introduce your property to our clients investing in our commercial properties, who are domestic and international investors who may be moving or relocating, offering another opportunity for a successful sale.

CCI offers programs, such as our “Quality Home” and S.I.M.P.L.E System, for sellers who want to earn the most money when their home sells.

Investment Opportunities: Our commercial Clients are earning great returns on the real estate investments our company provides. Our CCI Agents bring these opportunities to our residential clients who often become investors in real estate. Our Agents offer consulting and instruction, turning our residential clients into professional real estate investors.

When discussing your home, don’t forget to ask your CCI Agent for information on real estate investments!

CCI Agents

CCI Agents receive training in both areas of real estate – Commercial & Residential.

Although an Agent may focus more in one area than another, they are able to incorporate both their commercial & residential expertise into their business. i.e. introduce their residential Clients to real estate investing opportunities; or selling a commercial property their home selling Client may own; or introducing their clients home to our domestic/international Clients.

Our Agents are able to produce much more business than an Agent trained in just one area of real estate.

Our company recruits only top level Agents who have the ability to operate as business men and women. Our Agents either come from the residential sector where they receive CCI commercial training, or they  they are already experienced commercial Agents seeking to:

  • Expand their Real Estate Business
  • Earn High Commissions and receive a better Commission Structure
  • Structure, Organize & Lead their own CCI Sales Team
  • Increase their education in brokering, investing and business
  • Partner with CCI in real estate investments and future CCI offices.

CCI is selective in their recruiting, inviting in only the Agents who will most effectively work with our Property Owners and Investors. Our strategy is to train one group at a time until they are functional before opening up the books for further recruitment. This method assures both, our Agents and our Clients are happy and earning money.

If you are a licensed real estate Sales Associate or Broker Associate interested in attending the next scheduled CRES Corp International Introduction session, contact info@CRESCorpINTL.com or call (844) 887-2737.